Hi there

Paris Eifel UpskirtI’m Joey Leslie. I’m a writer living and loving in Nashville with my dog Moses, who is awesome, especially because he doesn’t shed and doesn’t put up with anybody’s shit. Even mine.

I studied journalism at  Western Kentucky University. I have no idea what my GPA was but I’m super proud of my column “Unprotected Text” which  I wrote for WKU Herald. Sure, that was a hundred years ago and I can’t find it on the website anymore, but it did win a first Place award from the Kentucky Press Association back in the day. Shwing!

I’ve written for several publications and won other awards since then, but you never forget your first, you know?

Now, I’m working in corporate America by day, with a buzzword in my job title (fun!), and working on my first book by night. It’s scheduled to hit stores some time before I die. In the meantime, please enjoy my blog, Pretty Much. Consider it an appetizer. A free appetizer! Tell your friends!

I don’t want to give too much away, but one of my working titles is ‘Expiration Dating.’ Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.


Speaking of sight… I believe in vision boards. And I believe they can be dangerous.


Last year, I created one and, with a glue stick and some random travel clippings, sent myself all over the globe. I ended up eating a fancy hotdog in Paris (naughty vegetarian!), dancing blindfolded like a damn zen fool at yoga retreat in Nicaragua, and wandering around Tokyo trying to figure out who (if anyone) (everyone?) was gay. I also went to San Fran, Chicago, DC, and New York. And Des Moines, Akron and Pikeville. Now, I have the travel bug forever. Boy Wanders… ‘nother possible book title.